Do I know this pair?

Do I know this pair?

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gary Misses Out

Hello silly people. One of our Kings Heath Park dog-walkers - the lady mentioned in my last post - should now be enjoying her stay in Guernsey.

You will remember that the post boxes in Guernsey are blue .......? Well, we're hoping that, by this time next week, all of the post boxes but one in Guernsey will be blue!

Unfortunately, this is a non-profit blog so we were unable to send Gary Endall, our official dog-walkers' photographer, to Guernsey to record the event.

Scotsmen in kilts, flabberghasted nuns, short-sighted old ladies, florally adorned fashion-conscious blue-rinsers and brown paper wrapped post-boxes will have to speak for his professional touch!

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